Making a bigger mess

Since there was a lot of water damage to the walls & ceiling, a lot of it had to go. At this point, it was starting to seem like the more I got cleaned up, the bigger the mess was becoming.

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Leaky tiki

The roof leaks. Which really is no surprise. Everything leaks. Instead of patching up individual leaks, we just decided to solve the problem once and for all. New roof time. Luckily my business partner Dave is handy like that and knew someone with the equipment we were able to borrow.

The vinyl for the roof:

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Cleaning up

Before I could even think about doing anything cute, I had a big stinky mess to sort through. The motor home had been sitting in the impound lot for 10 years and most of the vent covers were either cracked or missing completely, so there was a lot of water damage and mildew. Not only that, the roof was leaking in multiple places.

I tore out the nasty blue carpet.




Gross. Water damage everywhere.

Starting to look a little more sanitary.

And the fantastic turquoise stove looks even better after a good cleaning.

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Naming my baby

Obviously, by the name of this blog and the cheesy tiki theme graphics, this beast has a name. Geeky Tiki. There are a few reasons i chose this name.

#1: Look at this grill! Looks like a tiki mask.


#2: My business partner Dave was also working on a RC conversion of a box van. Our original plans were to drive around the country and use it as a mobile office so we could still do our geek work on the road. We named it the Geek Crusher. Geeky Tiki only seemed appropriate for our other project. We ended up not doing the mobile office route due to our quickly growing business requiring an office and employees, but we both did live in our RVs for quite a while.

#3: If i was going to be living in this damn thing, it needing to be something i could actually be excited about. I’m a sucker for bright colors and cheesy themes. The tiki idea just fit so well. I wanted to feel like i was on vacation.

So there you have it. Geeky Tiki.

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Best $500 i ever spent

I’d been shopping for a motorhome for a while. I looked at quite a few, but nothing really grabbed me as being “the one.”  That is, until we pulled into the impound lot and I saw this.

I knew it was the RV for me. Just look at that face! I had to bring him home. And that i did. $500 and i had myself an ugly motorhome and i was in love.

This is what i had to work with:

So dark and sad inside. And also very blue.

I am very fond of the turquoise stove.

The bathroom.

I took my new baby home on broke out a bottle of bleach and some vodka. It was going to be a long and messy weekend. Weeee!

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Better late than never

So, i really should have started this blog 3 years ago when i first bought my motorhome. Believe me, i definitely thought about it a lot. But, you know, I got really busy with my motorhome remodel and work and life and all that, so it just got pushed aside for more pressing projects. Better late than never right? And while this won’t document the process in as much detail as it would if I were to have written this while most of the work was actually being done, i will try to recall the process as best I can. Luckily, I take a lot of pictures.

First things first, what the hell is Geeky Tiki anyway?

In short, it’s my vintage motor home remodel project. I’ll go into more details later, but it’s a 1972 Georgian Swinger. I bought it 3 1/2 years ago for $500. I spent 7 months living in it while i did most of the interior remodeling. I lived in it because i wanted to save money while building up my businesses (My Baby Rocks & Rockstar Tutu).  I put the RV project on hold for the winter while i moved into a house.  I have now picked the project back up and have almost completed the RV make over. Here is what I’ve done so far, before and after pics, tips, the journeys I take in my motorhome, etc etc etc.

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